Making Your First Meal One of the Best

Food plays a powerful role in a memorable wedding reception.

Our approach is to pair a range of menu options with fresh, flavorful ingredients. We will work with you to find a magnificent combination of tastes while meeting any dietary requirements to serve the picture-perfect banquet.

Cuisine is a focal point of our wedding services, and our culinary team delivers on this time and again. Sawridge Inn Jasper provides high quality dinner features with superb desert options, including snacks and even brunch selections.

World-Class Plate Dinners

There’s a romance to a beautifully set plate dinner. Meticulous preparation, formal service, and outstanding flavours; every detail is carefully crafted. Sawridge Inn Jasper has an incredible selection of main courses and vegetarian options, sure to wow even the most experienced diner.

Some of our plated dinner features:

  • Fillet Mignon
  • Duet of Salmon and Halibut
  • Free Range Roasted Turkey
  • Alberta Prime Rib
  • Grilled Chicken Supreme

Vegetarian Options:

We believe there is an art to delicious vegetarian food. Our chefs have prepared a selection of meatless options which feature amazing ingredients like portabello mushrooms, herb goat cheese and red pepper coulis.


A Buffet to Remember

Variety is the spice of life, and our buffets give a diverse experience to your palate. No ordinary, boring selection; Sawridge Inn Jasper prides itself in providing a remarkable culinary adventure.

Dinner Buffets:

Sawridge Inn Jasper has four different buffet options ranging from a rustic feast to classic dining options. Protein choices range from bison and beef, to salmon, veal, and just about everything you can imagine! Filling, diverse and unbelievably flavorful, our wedding buffets are truly exceptional.

Snack and Brunch:

Close social occasions call for light, delicious food to keep everyone smiling. Pastries, cereals, fruit and yogurt add a vibrant bit of flavour, while eggs, bacon accompanied by assorted meats and cheeses offer a more filling touch. Our gift opening buffets and brunches are a splendid addition to your wedding event.

“Service was attentive, yet unobtrusive. The attention to detail was impeccable. Bravo Sawridge service staff!”
- Jen & Duane